This class is offered to women who want to learn more about gun safety and operation, options available when purchasing, and how to determine if a certain gun is a good fit.  Perhaps you are not sure if you want to own a gun, and just want to learn to be safe if you are around guns.  We can teach you how to safely handle guns in the comfort of a classroom with other women.  There is no live fire in this class.  You can feel comfortable in a class customized for women, with women instructors.  

The skills taught in this class are invaluable, whether you choose to go on and purchase a handgun or just want to feel more comfortable around guns.  After this class, you will be better prepared to make an educated decision on gun ownership and use.  If you already own your own gun, please bring it to class, unloaded and cased.  We will help you get familiar with it and feel more comfortable with it's operation.

Returning students may repeat this class FREE of charge.  Please contact Janice 253-217-3188.

Classroom Location: Heritage Chiropractic, 4537 So. Yakima Ave, Tacoma, 98418  - 2nd Floor Upstairs

If you have private group that would like to schedule a class, please go to our Host a Class link.

 For more information contact: Janice 253-217-3188 or womenandguns.co@gmail.com

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Greatest gun class on the planet for women!

The amount of information in this class was INCREDIBLE! The many scenarios from a woman's standpoint gave us valuable options on how to respond to situations that may present themselves in the future. I came to the class a wary beginner. I left the class with confidence and look forward to improving my skills.

Best Gun Class Ever!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I attended the class, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, I got my money's worth and then some!!! The amount of knowledge that was shared was phenomenal, and coming from a women's point of view on firearms verses a man's point of view, was vital and refreshing. I highly, highly recommend this class to any woman looking to carry a firearm for protection. I am seriously considering taking the class again, just because it was so full of information and so insightful!!!