halloween-2016.jpgJanice Talaroc:  Owner and Head Instructor of Women and Guns. Background includes training in martial arts, firearms, and conflict communication, NRA certified in Handgun, Refuse to Be a Victim and Range Safety Officer. Janice started Women and Guns Training in 2010 and has taught over 1000 students how to shoot.  Her passion is teaching women to take responsibility for their personal safety through her women's training programs. 



chelsea-4.jpgChelsea Kyger:  Chelsea is an NRA certified Instructor and has been teaching alongside her mother, Janice, since the business was started in 2010.  

Together they share the same passion for empowering women to take responsibility for their own safety through awareness, physical self defense and firearms training.

Chelsea is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jujitsu and takes the lead in all of our Women's Physical Self Defense Classes.