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Class instructor: Janice Talaroc

Learning to shoot a handgun can be a fun and exciting experience when done in a comfortable, safe environment with professional instructors.  This class is a great refresher course for shooters with limited experience, but is specifically designed for students who are new to guns with no shooting experience.  Once you have completed one of our classes, you are invited to join our shooting club, (no charge) The Scarlet Pistols, and enjoy shooting practice with our instructors and other student alumni.  It's a great way to stay current and practice your skills with other shooters in a friendly environment. 

During this class, we will provide all needed equipment, including firearms and ammunition, eye and ear protection.  We will spend approximately 3 hours in the classroom and 2 hours at the range.  Plan for a total of 6 hours to allow for breaks.  Semi-automatics will be utilized.  Class size is limited to no more than 6 students so everyone gets plenty of one on one instruction.  Students who previously attended our Guns 101 can join this class for the shooting portion for a reduced price of just $50.  Please contact me directly to enroll.

Topics covered include:

Safe Gun Handling

  • Range Etiquette
  • Loading - Unloading
  • Verifying condition (Loaded or Not loaded)
  • Racking the Slide - Locking it open
  • Gun Shop Etiquette
  • Gun Storage

Ammunition Basics

  • How it works
  • How to store it
  • Different Types
  • Which one to purchase

Shooting Fundamentals

  • How to Stand (Stance)
  • How to hold the gun (Grip)
  • How to aim (Sight Alignment)
  • Trigger Control

Accurate, safe shooting starts with a good foundation.  Learn it right from the beginning and you will enjoy years of safe, fun shooting.

Classroom location: Heritage Chiropractic 4537 S. Yakima Ave., Tacoma WA 98418

Range Location: Lakewood Shooting Range, 11701 Pacific Highway SW, Suite B, Lakewood, WA 98499

Students must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to attend classes due to possible health risks.

For information contact: Janice 253-217-3188 or womenandguns.co@gmail.com

 Firearms Training Classes cannot be returned for refund. A minimum of 10 days notice prior to the start date of your scheduled class is required to request a reschedule.




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Everything you should know about gun safety!

This class was outstanding! I learned more about personal safety and more importantly about gun safety than I thought possible. The class is very detail oriented, professional and fun! I have learned more respect for guns and how to handle one properly. From loading, to holding to setting up and feeling comfortable with a gun. I need to take more classes!